Boot Scootin Boogie Line Dance

by LineDancerPaul on May 6, 2011

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I started line dancing when Achy Breaky heart came to town but my favorite dance of all time is the boot scootin boogie line dance, choreographed by Bill Bader, also known as “Vancouver Boogie” as there are other choreographed versions of the dance.

There is a movie called “Kevin of the North” in which Bill’s dance is performed and Bill is also seen dancing in the movie. The rest is part of line dance history.

One of the reasons for this dances popularity is the catchy country song of the same name by famous country music duo Brooks and Dunn that it was choreographed to. It is a mid to up tempo song that just about any line dancer or country music lover knows by heart.

The boot scootin boogie line dance is a fairly simple one so it can be learned by dancers fairly new to line dancing but is also loved by intermediate and advanced dancers because it is – well – fun. Thanks Bill.

If you want to learn the dance it can be found on Liz Collett’s line dance instructions DVD Vol 1. Watch the video below and learn the boot scootin boogie line dance as Liz takes you slowly through it. This is directly from her DVD with permission.


Listen to 2 different versions of Boot scootin’ Boogie By Brooks and Dunn and choose which one you prefer. If you like it you can click to purchase the download from Amazon. My preference is the first one.

Listen to all Brooks and Dunn “Best Of” tracks below.

Bootscootin’ Boogie Step Sheets can be found here.

As mentioned earlier my favorite is the boot scootin boogie line dance, what is yours?

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