Choosing the right line dance shoes is both

  • Important
    You want to be comfortable and will probably be on your feet for a long time, and
  • Fun
    You may want to look good and may even like shopping for shoes.

Choosing the best line dance shoes will, to an extent, be a personal choice – depending on how much you dance and what your preferences are, ie; do you prefer to look good or is comfort and stability more important to you.

Line Dancing, in fact any dancing, is a whole lot of fun, not only for exercise but also for brain activation and memory (every song has a different dance choreographed to it that you need to learn) as well as the social side of it, so I’d like to help you find the best dance shoes for you.

But what shoes should you wear for line dancing? Do you even need specialized Dance Shoes?

There are so many choices of footwear out there including.

Cowboy Boots for BootScootinCowboy Boots
Dance Sneakers / Jazz ShoesDance Sneakers
Dancing BootsBoots
High Heel Boots for DancingHigh Heels
Ordinary sneakers for danceOrdinary Sneakers

There Are A Few Important Things To Look Out For When Choosing Dance Shoes.

Line Dance Shoes Should Provide A Healthy Balance of Comfort and Support

It goes without saying that we need to have good shoes if we want to enjoy dancing. We spend several, sometimes many, hours at a time spinning, turning, shuffling, pivoting, cha chaing etc and it is necessary for our footwear to be both comfortable and supportive.
Dance Sneakers make a great gift!

Guidelines for Good Line Dance Shoes

Here are a few guidelines for good line dancing footwear

  • Good Ankle support
  • Good Foot support (firm but not tight fitting)
  • Easy to spin without being slippery
  • Heels should be flat or at most Low Cuban style
  • Firm fitting but not restrictive or uncomfortable

Wear the Wrong Shoes and You are Asking for Trouble…
…Just ask your chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Designed specifically for dancing comfort.

Line Dance Sneakers available in the USA


Line Dance Sneakers available in Australia

Line Dance Sneakers & DanceWear.

I have heard it said “footwear that supports your feet and ankles will help concentration when learning to dance”.

I guess if you are consciously or subconsciously thinking about your uncomfortable shoes you are bound to be distracted and get tired more quickly.

It is a big thing in today’s society for women (especially) to squeeze into fashion shoes to “feel” or “be” glamorous, but I have seen so many people with deformities like twisted toes, and worse, from years of neglect.

I often see ladies with loose or ill-fitting shoes who struggle picking up the steps. If you insist on wearing open footwear like sandals make sure they are supportive and fit properly and, at the least, apply a supporting ankle bandage or strap of some kind.

Dance Comfortably in Dance Sneakers

Dance Sneakers for comfortMany people prefer line dancing in boots, which provide great support and comfort in most instances.

However, I often like to line dance in shorts – especially in summer, at which time I prefer dance sneakers. I often see people wearing regular sports sneakers while dancing and although they may be comfortable, the sole is made of rubber and by nature tends to grip the dance floor which puts undue stress on your Knees and hips.

Dance Sneakers are:

  • Built specifically for dancing.
  • Light weight.
  • Allow your feet to flex and move as necessary (maximum Dorsiflexion & Plantarflexion).
  • Support your feet and body.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • Special sole enables freer movement and spin.
  • Unisex – great for men and women.
  • Well priced.
  • A Great Gift

Line Dance Sneakers available in the USA


Line Dance Sneakers available in Australia

You Could Easily Line Dance into Your 90′s

We would all like to think we will be Line Dancing into our 90′s (whether we do or not is another discussion) so we need to be kind to our feet. Having supportive and comfortable line dance shoes should help you achieve this – without foot problems.


Whether practicing in your living room to Line Dance DVD’s or on the dance floor kicking up your heels your posture is very important.

Good posture keeps your body weight over your central point of balance thereby protecting you from leg, hip and back problems and give you better results and comfort.

So look after your feet and make sure you have good dance shoes or boots and you will enjoy “The Dance” a whole lot more

Line Dance Signature - Happy Dancing

Line Dance Sneakers available in the USA


Line Dance Sneakers available in Australia