Last Beatle Line Dance is a very popular new line dance. It was choreographed by Liz Collett to a great Beatles tribute song called “When The Last Beatles Gone” sung by Tim Buppert.

Below are 4 videos that will teach you the dance step by step.

  • Video 1 – You will learn Last Beatle step by step as Liz walks you through the dance.
  • Video 2 – Liz talks you through the whole song with music that is slowed down to help you learn.
  • Video 3 – Full speed music, once again with Liz guiding you through the line dance.
  • Video 4 – Liz and 3 of her dancers demonstrate how great the dance looks.

Download the Last Beatle Dance Sheet
Download the Song

Now Learn How To Dance “Last Beatle”

Video 1 – Liz walks you through the dance step by step, section by section.  Repeat until comfortable.


Video 2 – Dance the whole song to a slower version of the music.


Video 3 – Now dance the song to full speed.


Video 4 – Liz and 3 of her dancers demonstrate the dance.


After hearing the song When The Last Beatles Gone by Tim Buppert Liz decided she just had to choreograph a line dance to it and in December 2011 came up with this great dance called Last Beatle.

After showing it to her class and getting such a great reaction to it she took it to the World Line Dance Championships in Florida – January 2012 – and taught it there to much interest.

The song is a dedication and tribute to the Bealtes and the way they changed our lives and the lives of those who come after us. With fantastic vocals by Tim Buppert and the amazing band that played on the track it is only a matter of time before the song becomes a must have in anyones collection – Beatle fan or not.

Make sure your line dancing teacher knows about this dance and make it a request if he or she doesn’t. Last Beatle is an intermediate line dance but even if it is a little beyond you at the moment give it a try because it is a really nice flowing dance.

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