There is no substitute for going to line dance lessons but, for many reasons, it may not be the most suitable option, and the next best option is to learn from a line dance DVD.

In this post I am going to suggest some things to look for / look out for and some recommendations for purchasing a line dance DVD.

Why Learn To Line Dance In The First Place.

Any or all of these may be reasons to take up line dancing as a hobby/sport/interest.

  • It’s FUN
  • It is great exercise
  • You will meet other like-minded people
  • Lose weight
  • If you just love to dance
  • You don’t need a partner
  • And many more…

Reasons you May Want to Learn From a DVD

  • Lack confidence to go to a line dance class.
  • The local class has already started and you need help to catch up.
  • No classes nearby.
  • Local classes aren’t compatible with your schedule.
  • Having trouble keeping up with your line dance class.
  • Don’t have time or transport to get to class
  • etc

What to Look for In a Line Dance DVD.

As you will discover there are quite a few options to learn to bootscoot, so my best advice is to check them out carefully and if there is not much information, well, there just may be a reason for that! Follow the hints below and you should be good.

  • An instructor who speaks clearly.
  • Instructions that are comprehensive but simple to follow.
  • Gives you enough information to be confident to purchase from them.
  • Been around for a while – not a fly by night.
  • Good customer service – shoot them an email with a question and see how readily they supply the answer.
  • See if there is some genuine social proof about them – testimonials etc.
  • A sample of how they teach in a video.

What to Avoid

Here are some tips on what to avoid when looking for DVDs:

  • Sales hype (it is probably just that)
  • Instructor facing YOU while teaching (I can’t tell you how many videos show the teacher facing YOU. What this means is every time he/she moves his/her right foot (for example) you have to move your left (opposite) foot. How confusing!
  • Too much “Hollywood”. – Yes they may have the latest technology, flashy gimmicks, show you moves from different angles and picture in picture but it may not help you to learn. Keep it SIMPLE.
  • Beware of Cheap DVDs on eBay. Yes they are great price but there is usually very little, if any, product information, such as how many dances, who the instructor is etc. In my experience there is a reason they are cheap, and unfortunately the experience may even turn you off learning to line Dance.

Where to find Line Dance DVDs

  • The best way is to do a Google search on the internet.
    You will soon find there aren’t many available and even less good ones.
  • You can look on eBay (Beware – see last section “What to Avoid”)
  • Amazon has quite a few DVDs

Liz Collett beginner Line Dance DVD collectionThe Best DVDs on the Market – (But I am Biased)

My good friend Liz Collett and I make line dance DVDs, so you could say I am biased in my opinion of our DVDs, but from the comments and testimonials we get from people who have purchased from us, since 2005, we know we have a great product that makes it easy to learn how to line dance.

*Watch the video sample at the bottom of this page, it shows you how Liz teaches BootScootin’ Boogie taught on DVD Vol 1.

Liz chose each line dance to teach you different patterns or moves that make up popular line dances starting off nice and easy and gradually building up to harder moves. Even if you don’t do a particular dance on our DVD in your area, the individual moves and techniques you learn will definitely be found in many other line dances.

Check out what people are saying about “Line Dance With Liz” DVDs.

Read the following testimonials in full

“I Have a Secret Teacher in My Lounge room”

“No hesitation in recommending these DVDs”

“Improves my blood circulation…”

“I am Going To Get Hooked…”

“Exercise and Brain Food are Both Bonuses…”

“…Wish I Had Found It Earlier…”

“I am enjoying your dvd…”

“A Helpful Tool to Learn the Dances…”

“The instructions are terrific!!…”

“Your video motivates me…”

“I am having the time of my life…”

“Liz is a brilliant teacher…”

“my dancing skills are improving rapidly…”

“you have made the dances very easy to follow…”

“extra confidence booster…”

“What an inspiration you are…”

“My Exercise Routine at Home…”

A little about LizLiz Collett with Trophy - Line Dance Instructor of the year 2011

Watch Video And Learn BootScootin’ Boogie.

The video below is from Liz Teaching BootScootin’ Boogie from her DVD Vol 1

Note: Video quality on DVD is much higher than sample below

List of Line Dance DVD’s

(if you know of others please let me know)

Liz Collett Line Dance with Liz, Beginner DVDs (1, 2, 3 & 4)
Shawn TrautrmanA Quick Start Guide
Dance off the inchesCountry Line Dance Party
Country Dance WiiVideo Game

Line Dance Signature - Happy Dancing