When The Last Beatles Gone Video and photo of the Fab Four WavingTim Bupperts great song When The Last Beatles Gone is a must have addition to any Ipod or MP3 player.

Tim’s fantastic vocals and great backing musicians (Drums: Wayne Killius, Bass: Jim Hyatt, Keyboards: Howard Duck, Acoustic Guitar: Joe Spivey, Electric Guitar: Derek Wells and Producer: Kim Copeland) come together to take you down memory lane to your youth (or your parents youth). The lyrics will transport you back to the days of the “Little Am Radio” and “worn out 45’s” when the Beatles ruled “re-wrote the rules” of the music industry.

When The Last Beatles Gone was cleverly written by Paul Fitz-Patrick and Marc-Alan Barnette. You can read the history of the song from Paul and Marcs first meeting through to the Professional Recording of When The Last Beatles Gone

A very popular dance teacher, Liz Collett, was so inspired by the song she choreographed a dance routine called Last Beatle which she taught at the World Line Dance Championships in Florida in January 2012. It is very quickly becoming a very popular line dance. Congratulations Liz.

Download “When The Last Beatles gone” or watch the video Below.

Line Dance Signature - Happy Dancing